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  • The investor will provide the funds to complete the project (purchase of the property and renovation costs) and will receive 50% of the profit 

  • The investor has also the possibility to bring 50% of the overall costs 

  • In that case, the company will take a loan for the balance of the investment and the interests will be subtracted from the investor's profit 


  • A LLC  (Limited Liability Company) will be created for each project 

  • The investor will receive 50% shares of the company 

  • We search the property that matches the investor's budget

  • Once the property has been chosen, it is sent to the investor with the budget and the potential profit for his approval 

  • Once the deal is approved by the investor we close the property under the name of the LLC


  • The investor can track the progress of the project by loggin into the "Buildertrend" app which can be downloaded in AppStore and Google Play

  • With this App, the investor will be able to :

- track the renovation progress with pictures and viedos uploaded on weekly basis

- follow the actual expenses vs estimated expenses